This Week in Golf – 7/13/2021
It was cloudy and unseasonably cool, but at least it had stopped raining.  The heavy rains left parts of the course
under water and the rough was thick and lush.
Two players managed to post scores of 40.  Nate Cartwright posted six over par on the front nine, starting his
round with a birdie on the first hole.  Bill Meehan scored four over par on the back nine with a birdie on the 14th
hole.  That was the best round of the week and also tied for the low net score for the week with a net score of three
under par.
Two other players tied Bill's net score of three under par.  One was Jim Geary, who picked a good week to post the
low net.  He was playing solo against Bob Paquette and Judi Gray and managed to earn 32 points in his match.
The other was Barry Hausmann, who was making his first appearance as an alternate in a couple of years.  When
Maria Spitzak found herself without a partner or opponents, she reached out to Barry.  He usually plays in the
Monday night Marlborough league, but they had been rained out this week, so he was eager for a chance to play.
Maria struggled against the course, but Barry earned some points for the team, keeping them in the playoff hunt.
There were a couple of other former members who came to play this week, although their scores did not count
toward the matches.  It was good to see Dan Sherman and Dave Gustafson again.
Art Parker found the water encroaching on the right side of the 17th hole with his tee shot. His ball skipped across
the surface six times before finally sinking.
Low Net A Low Net B
Ollie Bisson -6 Judi Gray -9
Birds Nest
Nate Cartwright #1 Jimmy Suau #11
Bill Meehan #14 Dave Gustafson #18
Mike Nolan #18
Closest to the Pin
Bob Paquette #6 10'