PURPOSE: To provide an opportunity for friendly competitive golf matches


1.0                    ORGANIZATION


1.1                    League Officers


1.1.1                 League Officers shall consist of:


Vice President




1.1.2                 Formation of League Officers               League Officers shall be elected each year.  The term of office shall be one (1) year.  No one shall serve in the same office for two consecutive years.  The only exceptions will be the Handicapper, and the Treasurer.               In the event of a league Officer being unable to continue in his/her duties, the remaining League officers will appoint another member to fulfill the duties of the vacated office for the balance of the year.


1.1.3                 Duties of Officers and Committees                      President


A.    Shall handle the organization and management of the league.


B.     Shall appoint the Rules Committee Chairman.


C.     Shall appoint the Outing Committee Chairman.


D.    Shall appoint the Nominating Committee Chairman.


E.     Shall appoint the Prize Committee Chairman.                      Vice President


A.    Shall record minutes of meetings and distribute pertinent information to league members.


B.     Shall assume the duties of the President during his/her absence.


C.     Shall perform other duties as required.


D.    Shall publish the BYLAWS each year for distribution to league members.


E.     Shall act as tournament director for special events. (Other than annual outing).                      Handicapper


A.    Shall compute and assign handicaps for members.


B.     Shall prepare and distribute scorecards on a weekly basis.


C.     Shall prepare and distribute standings on weekly basis.


D.    Shall compute and assign handicaps for the golf outing.


E.     Shall act as a permanent member of the Rules Committee.


F.     Shall maintain an attendance record and submit a final attendance report to the president at the end of the playing year.


G.    Shall try his/her best to get an alternate when applicable.   Treasurer


A.    Shall collect monies and handle financial arrangements and deposit league funds in a bank of his/her choice. The president must be registered as an alternate signer on the account.  The account statement must be available at all times to other league officers. The account shall be accredited to the account of “Hackers and Duffers”.


B.     Shall submit a written Financial report to the President at the close of the year.   Board of Governors


A.    The Board of Governors shall consist of the League Officers (4).


B.     At the start of each season, the Board of Governors shall review the BYLAWS to determine if any changes to the BYLAWS are necessary.


C.     The Board of Governors shall handle all policy and general decisions except the Election of Officers. In decisions, a majority vote shall suffice. Changes to the BYLAWS shall require a seventy-five percent (75%) vote of League Officers


D.    Any league member in good standing may appeal any decision by a League Officer, Board of Governors, or Rules committee, unless expressly prohibited by the By-Laws. To appeal, a petition signed by at least 20% of the membership shall be submitted to the Board of Governors for a hearing before the Board. Only a referendum by over 75% of the membership can reverse the decision on an appeal ruled on by the Board of Governors.   Rules Committee


A.    Chairman to be appointed by League President.


B.     The chairman shall select one member in addition to the Handicapper who shall be a permanent member of the committee.


C.     Members to serve for one (1) year.


D.    The committee shall:


-        Publish and distribute local course rules, changes of course and USGA rules, and interpretations of course and USGA rules.


-        Publish and distribute leagues rules.


-        Make rule changes as required.


-        Make decisions on all matters pertaining to course, or USGA rules.


-        In all rule matters, 2/3 majority rules.                      Outing Committee


                        A.   Chairman appointed by the League President.


B.     Chairman may select up to two (2) additional members.


C.     Members to serve for one (1) year.


D.    The Committee shall:


-        Be in charge of arrangements for the Annual Outing as outlined in “Guidelines for Outing Committee.” - Attachment 1


-        Work with the League Treasurer for financial arrangements.


-        Make final selection of the outing site with the approval of the President.                      Prize Committee


                        A.   Chairman appointed by the League President.


            B.   Chairman may select up to two (2) additional members.


C.     Members to serve for one (1) year.


D.    The Committee shall:


-        Be in charge of the selection and distribution of prizes for league play as well as for the Annual Outing.  They shall be guided by “Guidelines for Prize Committee” - Attachment 2.


-        Work with the League Treasurer for financial arrangements.


-        Make final selection and purchasing of the prizes in accordance with the guidelines”.


-        Shall be in charge of distribution of weekly prizes.                      Nomination Committee


                        A.   Chairman appointed by the League President.


B.     Chairman may select up to two (2) additional members.


C.     Chairman to report election results at the annual outing.


D.    Members to serve for (1) year.


E.     The committees shall review the list of members in good standing and recommend for election a slate of candidates prior to the league outing.


F.     The committee shall provide an opportunity for other members in good standing to be nominated by circulating a nomination petition 3 weeks before the outing. Any member who is nominated by 20% of the league shall be added to the election ballot.


G.    In the event more than one candidate is nominated for a position election ballots shall be provided to each member in good standing (2) weeks before the outing.


1.2                              Membership - (A member is a person who plays full time).


1.2.1                 Members in good standing constitute a continuing body. Good standing shall be defined as those members whose fees have been paid and who during the season’s play miss less than a specified number of matches (4).


1.2.2                 Selection of New Members               Membership List - A reserve Membership list not to be confused with alternate list will be maintained by the Handicapper. This list shall consist of names of applicants and date of entry on list. Preference shall be given to former league members who left the league in good standing and under acceptable circumstances.  Such former member must apply within two (2) years for preferential reinstatement.               Membership for New Season - If new members are required to fill the membership to the number set by the Board of Governors, the Reserve Membership list shall be used. The method of selection shall be prior members then date of entry.  If a person on the list does not join the league when requested to do so he/she shall be dropped from the list.               Membership During Season - If a new member is required during the playing season, the reserve list will be used. If a person chosen elects not to play, he/she will be removed from the list. Handicap match shall be 1st priority in selection process.


1.2.3                 Membership Fee               Membership fee, determined by estimated costs of trophies, outing, and other official league expenses, shall be recommended by the Treasures and approved by the Board of Governors.  The Membership Fee shall be payable on or before the date specified by the Board of Governors.  League Members shall make payment to the League Treasurer. The League Treasurer shall notify the League President of delinquent members and the President shall then take such action as he/she deems necessary and warranted.               Recognizing the amount of work involved in the duties of the handicapper, the league will assume the cost of the handicapper’s membership fee and his/her outing assessment including, greens fee, meal, and cart.               The membership fee for persons joining the league after the start of season’s play shall be set by the Treasurer and approved by the Board of Governors.               Membership fees are used to support the league functions and are not redeemable.


2.0                    Season Play


2.1                    Playing Time


2.1.1                 League play shall be on a day and time to be designated by the League Officers.  The playing season shall begin the second or third week of April based on when the course is opened for the season. Play shall be weekly for a period of time determined by the Board of Governors. In the event that a night’s play is lost due to inclement weather, the schedule will “slip” one week if the schedule permits, i.e., the postponed match will be played the following week and the schedule continued on in that fashion.  If no make-up dates remain in the schedule, the postponed match will not be played.


2.1.2                 The official starting time for league play shall be determined by the Board.  If a team member is not available when his/her match is ready to begin, the match will start with those present.  Late arriving members may join the match in which they were scheduled to play at any hole but all holes completed prior to his/her joining the match will be scored as played. The option of teeing off after the last scheduled match is allowed if agreed to by the opposing team member(s).




2.2                    Arrangement of Matches


2.2.1                 The setting of the Team Matches will be arranged by the Handicapper based strictly on handicaps.  Within a match the low handicap players of opposing teams play each other; the high handicap players also play each other.


2.2.2                 If a Team Member cannot play on a scheduled night, he/she must inform his/her teammate and the handicapper before noon on the day before the scheduled match. It is the responsibility of team members to make arrangements for an alternate player selected by the Handicapper from the alternate list.


2.2.3                 The Handicapper or a person authorized by him/her shall make all changes on the Score Card.


2.2.4                 Members are allowed to play alone if they wish and their partner is not available to play.


2.2.5                 It shall also be permissible to re-schedule matches on evenings other than the normal play night if both teams are in agreement.  In the event of exercising this option, the handicapper shall be notified prior to the night of the scheduled match.  The match shall be played within 6 days of the scheduled match and shall be played at the league’s home course.


2.3                    Scoring System


2.3.1                 The following system of scoring shall be used.               Each 9 hole match consists of 36 points, two points per hole each per two-person match.               Two points shall be awarded to the player winning the hole in his/her match by having the low net individual score.  In the event of a tie for individual low net score, each player is awarded one point per hole.               A player may concede the hole to his/her opponent at any time.  A “C” should be recorded as the score for the conceded hole.  The player shall receive a score equal to one more than his/her opponent’s score plus any handicap strokes or net double bogey, whichever is greater.               In the event that play has to be suspended due to weather, the points for any holes not played will be split between the teams


2.3.2                 If one player on a team is not available for a scheduled match and no alternate is provided, his/her partner’s score shall be used against both his/her opponents’ scores in two individual matches using standard scoring for each match.


2.3.3                 In the event a team has no opposition, each individual shall play against the golf course, competing for 2 points per hole, for a total of 18 points. In addition to the normal handicap strokes, players will receive bonus strokes based on their handicap.  Those with nine-hole handicaps of 9 or less shall receive one (1) additional stroke.  Those with handicaps of 10 or greater shall receive two (2) additional strokes.  A single player shall double his/her point total for team total.


2.3.4                 When a match starts with a late arrival or a player leaves early, scoring during the absence of the opponent shall be against the course if neither opponent is present or against the opponent’s partner for those holes missed.


2.3.5                 In the playoffs, ties shall be resolved using the following: Sudden Death shall begin on the first hole and continue until one team takes more points than the other using the conventional method of scoring.  In the event that the play-off gets called because of darkness and is tied, sudden death applies using the play off scorecard.


2.3.6                 League playoffs/Tie breakers for Playoffs:               League championship shall be determined by a play off between the 1st through 8th ranked teams with the highest total points for the regular season. The 1st through 8th ranking (from the last night of the regular season) will be kept throughout the playoffs.  The first round will match up teams 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5. The second round will match up the four winning teams from the first round. The highest ranked remaining team (from the last night of the regular season) will play the lowest ranked remaining team (from the last night of the regular season) in the second round. The middle two teams will make up the other match in the second round. In the third round, the two winning teams from the second round will play in the championship match.  The two losing teams from the second round will play for third place               Tie breakers for teams trying to enter the playoffs:


A. The winner of the head to head match held during the season.


B. If the above ended in a tie, then sudden death of said match using the scorecard starting at the first hole played.


C. If the scheduled match between the teams was cancelled due to inclement weather, the scorecards from the last week of play will be used to break the tie.               The number of teams entering the playoffs may be increased at the discretion of the Board prior to the start of the season.               If one player of a team is not available to play in a playoff match, the second team member shall play alone against the opposition.  Alternates may not be used.  The match may also be rescheduled for another night prior to the following week’s matches (or the Outing, in the case of the Championship match).


2.4                    Organization of Teams


2.4.1                 A team consists of two (2) players – one from the “A” flight and one from the “B” flight.


2.4.2                 Prior to the start of the season, the members will be divided into the “A” and “B” flights based on their handicaps.  Players with a handicap lower than the median handicap shall be placed in the “A” flight.  Players with a handicap higher than the median handicap shall be placed in the “B” flight.  Players with a handicap equal to the median handicap may be placed in either flight in order to ensure an equal number in each flight.


2.4.3                 Players may request to be paired together.  Such requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


2.4.4                 Flighting may be adjusted in order to allow members wishing to use a power cart to be paired together or to accommodate requests.


2.5                    Handicap


2.5.1                 Computation – Handicaps shall be based on nine (9) holes. The round handicap shall be the total of the number of strokes over par per hole with a maximum of net double-bogey.               For handicap purposes, the score for any holes not played shall be par plus any handicap strokes for up to a maximum of two holes.  If more than two holes are not played, the round shall not be used for handicap purposes.               Handicaps will be based on the average of the lowest five (5) differentials from the previous ten (10) rounds.               Maximum handicap for all players is 27.  Minimum handicap for all players is 0.               Handicaps shall be carried from season to season with the tenth oldest differential being dropped as each new score is added.  Outing scores shall not be included in the computation of handicaps.               Handicaps for former members re-entering the league or as substitutes, shall be the same as they finished their last season of play and subsequent handicaps will be determined as above.               Handicaps for new members shall be assigned by the Board of Governors, and after the first league night’s play and until ten (10) rounds are played, the handicapper will review for adjustment of handicap.  After the ten (10) round, new member’s handicap will be determined the same as for all members.


2.5.2                 Outing handicaps will be computed at the end of the season as the average of the lowest five (5) differentials from the previous ten (10) rounds multiplied by two (2) and adjusted to account for the difference in difficulty between the home course and the outing course.


2.6                    Rules


2.6.1                 USGA rules shall govern all play.  For the purposes of assessing penalties, the rules for stroke play shall be used.


2.6.2                 Local course rules shall be observed, unless modified by the rules Committee.


2.6.3                 League rules and interpretations of USGA and course rules will be issued by the rules committee.


2.6.4                          Golf etiquette shall be observed at all times


2.6.5                          Preferred lies in your own fairway.


2.6.6                          Free drops from all cart paths, no closer to the hole.


2.7                              League Awards


2.7.1                 Yearly Awards   


                        A.   Yearly Team Awards will be presented to the top two teams. Prizes per Attachment #2 (ALLOCATION OF PRIZE MONEY).


B.     Aggie Award is based on individual points earned during the entire playing season. At the end of the season the lowest 2 weekly point totals will be deducted from each member’s total score. This could be actual points earned or zeros for nights missed. The Prize is a trophy that is engraved with the winners name each year and is held by the winner for one year and then returned to the league.  In addition, a prize is awarded per Attachment #2.


C.     A prize will be awarded to the member in both the A and B flights who has the lowest Net Score for the season. Net scores for rounds played on different nines will be adjusted by the difference in par between the nines, if applicable.  The prize per Attachment #2. 


2.7.2                          Weekly Awards


A.   Closest to the Pin on any par 3 will be awarded each week to the member or alternate who records the closest distance to a par 3 hole on the official score card which is turned in at the end of the round. The prize will be 3 golf balls.



3.0                    Annual Outing


3.1                    Method of computing outing handicaps:

SEE 2.5.2


3.2                    Competition for league outing prizes is limited to paid up members and alternates.


3.3                    In case of gross and net multiple winners; the winner may select and receive only one of the prizes.  The forfeited prize will be allocated to next winner in that category.







ACTION                                                           ACTION DEADLINE


1.         Selects outing location and makes                           End of 1st half



2.         Play day second Saturday after Labor Day if

possible, a weekday could also be used.


3.              Decides type of tournament (shall also

approve subsidiary tournaments at outing).


4.              Provides “how to get there” map.                           2 weeks before tournament


5.              Establish written agenda for banquet and                  2 weeks before tournament



6.         Order of start will be determined by                        2 weeks before tournament

Committee & Handicapper.                                              


7.         Publishes information early on all of the



8.              Arrange markers, etc. and placement &                    As required

Collection for the longest drive; closest to

the pin, etc.


9.              Arranges for scoring sheet with handicapper

for match winners.


10.        Final decision to be coordinated with the                 Prior to final action











1.         Determine funding available for all prizes in conjunction with Treasurer and approval of President.


2.         Buy merchandise or prepare prize envelopes (or gift certificates). Prizes shall be tradable at point of purchase for merchandise of equivalent value.  A detailed record shall be made of unit prices so that this value is available to the winners of the prizes.


3.         Purchase of prizes shall be as early in the season as necessary to take advantage of best price and availability of merchandise.


4.         With information from the handicapper, the Prize Committee shall award the “Closest to the Pin” golf balls weekly.





1.         Purpose


A. To ensure consistent, fair allocation of funding for all prizes.


B. To establish the standards of achievements for the awarding of prizes.


2.         Implementation


By the incorporation in the League BYLAWS, the prize committee shall adhere to the following guidelines.  They may only alter them with the approval of the board.


3.         Allocation of Prize Money, based on 36 Members and 4-6 Alternates


A.  League Play          --          $570

B.  Weekly Play          --          $100  

C.  League Outing        --          $650



4.         Allocation of League Play Prizes


A.    Winner of Season’s championship Play-off - $100 or equivalent to each team member ($200 total)


  1. Runner-up in play-off - $60 or equivalent to each team member ($120 total).


  1. Third place - $25 or equivalent to each team member ($50 total)


  1. First place after regular season - $50 or equivalent to each team member ($100 total)


  1. Most Points (Aggie Trophy) The engraved trophy for the year plus a prize of $50 or equivalent. Handicapper to supply winner based on analysis of records.


  1. Lowest net score A Flight and B Flight - $25 or equivalent for each winner, if a tie exists within a flight the prize will be split.


5.         Allocation of Weekly Prizes – a sleeve of golf balls

A.   Closest to the pin on any Par 3 awarded 3 balls (sleeve). All members eligible including alternates.


  1. Winners to be designated on the weekly standings issued by the Handicapper.  Weekly awards presented by the Prize Committee.


6.         Allocation of League Outing Prizes

            Members and Alternates Only


      A.   Low net score - “A” Flight                        $55 or equivalent

$40 or equivalent

$25 or equivalent


      B.   Low net score - “B” Flight                        $55 or equivalent

$40 or equivalent

$25 or equivalent


      C.   Low Gross score  - “A” Flight                    $55 or equivalent

      C.   Low Gross score  - “B” Flight                    $55 or equivalent


      D.   Closest to Pin   - “A” Flight                       $25 or equivalent

      D.   Closest to Pin   - “B” Flight                       $25 or equivalent


      E.   Longest Drive    - “A” Flight                     $25 or equivalent

      E.   Longest Drive    - “B” Flight                      $25 or equivalent

      E.    Longest Drive    - Women                         $25 or equivalent


      Members, Alternates, and Guests


Closest to the Pin will be the one individual who records the shortest distance to the pin, it will be held on par 3 holes not used for the league “Closest to the Pin” hole, up to 3 holes will be used.


      Closest to Pin A  -                                          $25 or equivalent

      Closest to Pin B  -                                          $25 or equivalent

      Closest to Pin C  -                                          $25 or equivalent



Buckshot Contest is a short par 4 hole (250-350yards) where the eligible individuals get on the green in 2 strokes and sign the marker on the green. The winners are randomly drawn from those who sign the marker. 


      Buckshot Hole  1st                                         $50 or equivalent

      Buckshot Hole  2nd                                         $30 or equivalent

      Buckshot Hole  3rd                                         $20 or equivalent


7.         Deviation from the above shall be at the discretion of the President.