This Week in Golf – 8/11/2020
It was another hot and humid evening.  The heat index hit triple digits, but at least there was no rain.  
Rich Geary had the best round of the week with a score of 41 on the back nine.  His net score of six under
par was also the low net for the week and set the new mark for Low Net A for the year.  Rich finished his
round with a birdie on the 18th hole, and for good measure also took the Closest to the Pin award for the
On any other night, Ivan Audouin's net score of three under par would have been good enough to win his
match, but Ivan was playing against Rich this week.  John Buscaglia also posted a net score of three under
par.  He got off to a good start with a birdie on the first hole.
Rick Kilduff added to his league-leading birdie total with one on the 18th hole.
Joe Shea hit his second shot on the fifth hole into the penalty area to the left of the fairway.  His ball
appeared to be in a muddy area, so Joe went in after it.  He took one step and discovered that there was
water under the muddy surface.  His foot sank in and he lost his balance and tumbled into the water.  He
managed to extricate himself after a few scary moments, cleaned off most of the mud and went on to 
complete a pretty good round.
With Aggie Points leader Maria Spitzak away for the week, Steve Schlehuber and John Buscaglia both
passed her in the standings.  Steve now has a one point lead over John and a two point lead over Maria.
It looks like the race is going to go down to the wire.
Low Net A Low Net B
Rich Geary -6 Glenn Davis -4
Norma Giannattasio -4
Judi Gray -4
Birds Nest
John Buscaglia #1 Rich Geary #18
Rick Kilduff #18
Closest to the Pin
Rich Geary #14 18'